What Is Amarone Singapore? A Brief Guide To An Exotic Red Wine

Amarone or Amarone Della Valpolicella is a very famous Italian red wine that comes from the province of Veneto from the Valpolicella region. It is made from a blend of various varieties of indigenous grapes. The amarone singapore gains its classification as a result of some methods of production within the region.

Different variety of grapes used in Amarone

Amarone makes use of a variety of grapes that are considered to be indigenous, belonging to the Valpolicella region. The most common varieties of grapes that are used while making Amarone are:

  • Corvinone
  • Molinara
  • Corvina Veronese
  • Rondinella

What does Amarone wine taste like? 

Although every producer possesses their personalized style to make wines, a person will most likely come across the following aromas and flavors in a typical glass of this wine:

  • Plum
  • Raisin
  • Brown sugar
  • Cherry
  • Figs
  • Chocolate

How much does the wine cost? Is it really very expensive? 

To effectively answer this question, one should primarily consider the ingredients that go into the making of Amarone Della Valpolicella. It is not an easy and quick process as and when compared to other styles of wines. A substantial increase in the cost of labor and the time used in production leads to an increase in the price of the wine.

Here are a few factors that lead to an increased cost:

  • Production of the wine is strictly regulated. As a result, only a certain variety of ingredients can be used to make the wine. The grapes used in the wine are grown in a controlled environment. Apart from this, there tends to be a specific amount of aging requirements which calls for restricted yields.
  • Grapes used in making amarone singapore tend to generally lose about 40% of the content of water contained by them. It means that a person will end up requiring about twice the amount of grapes for making a similar amount as any other wine.
  • Fermentation generally tends to happen at cooler temperatures. It significantly means that the grapes used in the wine take a longer time than required to ferment.

It is no wonder that the wine is considered to be more expensive when compared to other wines, with all of the above-mentioned factors that end up being added to the overall cost of Amarone.


Although food pairs surprisingly delicious with Amarone, it is not considered necessary to have the wine to enjoy all the flavors it comes with. A glass of smooth, rich Amarone is all that you would need after a long hectic day.