Craft Beer – Craft Beer Delivery Singapore – Options for Every Individual

Does the restaurant offer special promotions?

Yes, the craft beer delivery singapore offers a special promotion on a variety of their orders. Some of the special mentions are –

  • 10 house-brewed beers along with lobster roll and fries (costs 60 Singapore dollars)
  • 10 house-brewed beers along with burger and fries (costs 60 Singapore dollars)
  • Mixed barbeque platter (priced at 88 Singapore dollars)

Drinks – 

  • Beers – 750ml Beer bottle (priced at 35 Singapore dollars), 500ml dry gin (priced at 160 Singapore dollars), an India pale ale (costs 6.5 Singapore dollars)
  • Wine – Veneto (costs 88 Singapore dollars), Pinot noir (costs 73.5 Singapore dollars), 2L Siphon (costs 68 Singapore dollars), and Shiraz Rockford (costs 181 Singapore dollars).
  • Non-alcoholic – 330 ml Kombucha’s apple crisp and ginger lemon (total costs 13.8 Singapore dollars)

Meal kits – Small barbeque meal kit (costs 88 Singapore dollars) and Large barbeque meal kit (costs 138 Singapore dollars)

Roasts – 2 roast packages (costs 79 Singapore dollars), Lamb shank (costs 39.5 Singapore dollars), and Barbequed pork ribs (priced at 39.5 Singapore dollars).

Sides as well as salads – Fries (normal, sweet potato and truffle) with garlic ketchup (costs 10 Singapore dollars), Grilled asparagus (costs 13 Singapore dollars), Romaine salad (costs 13 Singapore dollars), and Yorkshire pudding (costs 4 Singapore dollars).

Along with cheese and breadboards – Charcuterie board (costs 32 Singapore dollars) and Sourdough (costs 5 Singapore dollars).

& Desserts – Tiramisu (costs 12 Singapore dollars), Chocolate tart (costs 15 Singapore dollars), and Pecan brownie (costs 12 Singapore dollars)

How to book a table at LeVeL 33? 

To book a table, one should visit leVeL 33’s website. On top of the page, there is an option for “book a table.” After clicking on the option, there will be a form which would ask to fill all the required questions such as the location (under the option, it would contain 3 categories, i.e., Social Dining, Terrace and Dining Room), Number of adults plus the Number of children, date as well as the time of coming. One could fill in the details as per their requirements.

What are the timings? 

The restaurant stays open on all days (weekends + weekdays) with timings from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm. The pickup hour starts from Monday till Sunday, from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm, whereas the delivery hour starts from Monday till Sunday, from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

To know more about craft beer delivery singapore, visit the level33 website or follow them on social media platforms, i.e., Facebook and Instagram, to find exciting offers on their meals.