Here’s Why You Need To Try This Pregnancy Tea

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During pregnancy, all expectant mothers want is to ensure that they eat and drink right and they have enough rest. All of these can greatly affect the health of their unborn baby. And these days, there are now food and drinks that are specifically formulated for pregnant mothers. And for those who love a hot drink at any time of the day, then for sure, you would want to give this Pregnancy Tea a try. Here are the reasons why.

Introducing, Pregnancy Tea

The Raspberry Leaf pregnancy tea from The Breastfeeding Tea Co. is one of their bestsellers. This is called a super tea as it comes packed with vitamins such as Vitamin B Complex, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron. It also comes with plenty of benefits, especially for pregnant women who are in their third trimester.

It helps strengthens and tone the uterus, supports breastmilk production, reduces water retention, as well as assists with your post-birth recovery. This tea is made primarily of Raspberry leaf and combined with other beneficial herbs that can help promote calm, relaxation, and sleep. The herbs included in this tea include the following:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf. Strengthens and tones tissues of the uterus and prepares it for birth.
  • Rich in iron and strengthens the body.
  • Feeds the nervous system when it is under stress.
  • Beneficial to the endocrine system.
  • A calming tonic that is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Calming and promoting sleep.
  • Helps build strength during the last trimester of pregnancy.

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How To Use Pregnancy Tea

Raspberry Leaf tea can be consumed during your 3rd trimester. It is recommended to start with just one cup a day to let your body adjust to it. Once you have found no allergic reactions or negative effects after drinking your first cup, then you can gradually adjust it to three cups per day.

As a guide you can drink one cup per day at 32 weeks, then 2 cups at 34 weeks, and up to 3 cups of tea every day at 36 weeks. You have to remember that the tea expires approximately 12 months after your purchase date. So it is best that you order according to what you need. Also, this tea is best paired with lactation cookies available at The Breastfeeding Tea Co.

Is Raspberry Leaf Tea Safe?

This tea is most recommended for pregnant mothers as they are proven to be safe both for the mom and the baby since it is made from natural and organic ingredients and is caffeine-free. It is also naturopath formulated so you are sure that you are not ingesting something that can jeopardize the health of your baby. But of course, if you are in doubt, it is best that you consult with your doctor first before you give the product a try.