Have Good Food: Fresh Food Delivery At Your Doors

Have Good Food: Fresh Food Delivery At Your Doors

Why wait for mealtime to prepare food to eat when you can have it earlier? The meal box delivery is a fresh food delivery and meal plan service that will serve you in different locations:

  • Victoria
  • New South Wales
  • South Australia
  • ACT
  • Queensland

If you are residing in these locations, lucky you. No need for you to stop with your other work to prepare food for the meal. Order your meal kit in just five steps.

Five steps to order a meal kit

meal box delivery

Here are the steps to successfully order a meal kit:

  1. Select a kit. A selection of sustainable meal kits and recipes to choose from. Customize the dietary requirements and desired quantity.
  2. Fresh from farms. Meal kits have direct contact with the farms, specialist cuisine wholesalers, and delis.
  3. Direct delivery. Fresh ingredients are personally delivered from direct suppliers.
  4. Follow an easy recipe. The instructions show the preparation of the delicious meals planned and chosen by you. The preparation time takes only 20 minutes. They will cook it for you!
  5. Serve it fresh. In only 20 minutes, you can create a meal that looks like a 5-star hotel.

Why choose them?

Choosing a food delivery service may be easy, but if you are choosing one, it will be a challenge for you. Here is the challenge; which food delivery service prepares your fresh meals? Ingredients are direct from the farmers. Thus, it is essential to choose a food delivery service that will not just deliver your meal but also prepares it for you.

An all-in-one food delivery service is ideal to pick. They don’t simply deliver your food but are also a concern to your diet. So, they let you decide on the meal you want to prepare, specifically on the quantity, dietary requirement, and ingredients to use for. There are some meal plans that you want to add special ingredients – just specify it!

What are the available recipes?

As a customer, you might be interested in the available recipes to prepare for your meal. Instead of thinking about a good meal for yourself to prepare, it is easy on your end to simply pick one from their list of recipes and wait for your order delivery.

Here are the available recipes to choose from:

1.      Almond Chicken with tomato rocket salad

2.      Almond crusted fish with spinach potatoes

3.      Aloo Chole with fragrant vegetables

4.      Aloo Chole with herbed vegetables

5.      Bacon and cabbage pearl couscous risotto

There are more to choose from. Simply check out the different recipes, it is easy for you to choose one. Based on the recipe names, it is easy for you to determine what the recipe tastes like or how these are good for your diet plan.